Assignment 3: 250 words, organizational systems and structures



Activity Context

This discussion helps you develop the skills to master the following course competency:

  • Analyze HRM programs and other related systems within an organization that supports employee engagement and commitment.
    Activity Instruction
    In this discussion, you will gain experience in:
  • Assessing the effectiveness of HRM systems and practices that support an employee-centered environment by leading to a higher level of employee engagement and employee commitment.
  • Evaluating research studies that analyze HR trends, developments, and challenges that support effective employee-centered programs and the need to create employee-oriented systems.
    Systems and structures within organizations can significantly impact the level of employee engagement and by extension, the effectiveness of the organization.
  • Referring to the Bate, Khan, and Pye 2000 article and the Awbrey 2007 article, discuss the relationship between organizational design (systems and processes) and organizational change.
  • Analyze how HRM can participate in the processes described.
  • What challenges might be encountered?
  • Use Capella’s library to identify two HR trends or developments that appear to support this view of organizational design. Be sure to cite your sources.

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