Assignment 3 – interview schedule

Chapter 4: Structuring the Interview

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Interviewing Activity

  1. Identify a current event (a social/topical issue) that you’d like to interview a friend, classmate, coworker, or family member about. (***Note this may be revisited later in the term when we look at public opinion)
  2. Develop a complete interview schedule with a purpose statement, opening, 7 primary questions, 1 probing question for each primary question, and closing.
  3. Conduct the interview in person or online (video chat in real time) using your interview schedule. Record the interview (audio or audio and video). You will not post your recording but it would be helpful in your self reflection.
  4. Ask your interviewee for feedback on the interview.
  5. Review the recording.

Task 1 – Complete interview schedule (10 points)

  • Submit the complete interview schedule you went into the interview with (don’t include any modifications you made or the interviewee’s responses).

Task 2- Also submit Reflection on interview (5 points)

  • How effective was your interview schedule?
  • How effective was the opening/closing?
  • How well did your question phrasing work?
  • How effective was the ordering of your questions?
  • What changes did you make during the interview? Explain.
  • What feedback did your interviewee give you?

Task 3: Include in your reflection an Application section of at least two concepts from Chapter 4–use boldface to highlight the concepts you’re applying. ( 5 points)

  • Discuss what you learned from the interviewing activity in terms of what you read about in Chapter 4, defining and applying at least two concepts from the chapter

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