Assignment #6 big 6 planning template and assignment #7: the big 6

Assignment #6 Big 6 Planning Template and Assignment #7: The Big 6 for ELLs Project

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For this assignment you will review the “new” Bloom’s Taxonomy.  You will also examine the skills involved in developing Information Literacy (Big 6). You will design a task that uses technology as a vehicle for developing: a) language skills, b) content skills, and media literacy skills.  Last, you will be using Wikispaces to create the project guidelines for students—who will then create their own Wiki based on the Big 6.

Steps in Completing the Project

Step 1: Planning.  Begin by revisiting the Big 6.  Select language learning standards and goals as well as content area standards.  Next, create a problem that students might solve as the basis for the project.  Examples include:

•Researching a historical figure and designing a student Wiki

•Gathering information on a favorite sport and creating a Wiki of sport terms and definitions

•Collecting information and resources on a specific author and designing a Wiki for book talks.

Use the planning template to plan out the project.  Be sure to address each component and area. 

Use the planning template to design a set of tasks that incorporate language learning, content, and media literacy skills.  Be sure that you address each of the following:

Step 2: Setting up the Project Wiki.  For this project you will be using the free service available at .  You may have already used the service for the Module 1 project.  If so, you will need to add a new Wiki for the student project example. 

The Project Wiki will include the directions for students for completing their own Wiki.  It will also serve as a model for students.  Therefore, be sure to include graphics and color.

Step 3:  Designing the Big 6 ELL Project.  Once you have set up the example Wiki and have completed the project planning template, add components to the Wiki so that it may be used to introduce the project to students and also to serve as an example.

The Wiki must include the following components:

•Graphic, title of project, and introduction to the project for students.  Be sure that the vocabulary and sentence structure is appropriate for the targeted learners.

•Overview and description of the task.

•Tips for locating information and for using language learning strategies. Examples include a note taking organizer or an organizer for planning components.

•Add a section for online resources (two or three only) to get students started with locating information.

•Design and add a rubric for evaluating online resources that the students may use when evaluating and selecting materials for their own Wiki.

•Add information regarding related components and criteria.  For example, you may include a checklist of what to include, a list of components, and additional guidance.

•Include a self-evaluation rubric or checklist for students.


Once you have completed your Big 6 Wiki Project, post the following information to Module 3 / DF#2: Sharing Your Big 6 Wiki Project:

1Overview of the selected / targeted English language learners – proficiency level, ages, languages

2Title of Project Wiki

3URL of the Wiki

NOTE:  This forum does not require outside sources.  Your post is part of the Big 6 Project Assignment.

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