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Critical Review of Journal Article 


The essay is a critical review of a journal article about issues directly related to infrastructure. I will not assign an article and you should select something of interest to you. Its focus should be on the United States, not a foreign country, and it should be relatively current. The essay must be at least five (5) pages of narrative, exclusive of all other supporting material. Don’t forget, if you submit less than five full pages of narrative, you will lose a grade level, and exaggerated margins do not count. Include in your review:

  • A summary of the article, which should be about two      pages.
  • A description and explanation of the strengths and      weaknesses of the article, again about two pages.
  • A conclusion, which should include a statement of      whether you would recommend it to others, or if not, why, and your opinion      of the article as to its value to the homeland security community.


This paper should consist of the following items:

1. The Title Page. Your Title Page should contain your Running Head (left) and the page number (right) in the header area.  Your Title, followed by your name, the course name and number, the professor’s name and the due date are placed on separate lines. See General Format Section at the OWL for an example.

2. The Abstract. If an abstract is required, it should be a short summary of your entire paper, highlighting the key points.

3. The Body of your Paper. (Since you are probably not performing original research, you should not have the APA sections of Methods, Results and Discussion.)

1. Introduction: Tell the reader what you will be discussing in your paper. This must also include a Thesis Statement.

2. Main Body: Explain your research to the reader. Use your sources to support your points. Summarize, paraphrase or sparingly quote your sources. Provide a citation for each of your sources when you use that source. Refer to the Assignment Instructions for details about what should be included in the body of your paper.

3. Conclusion: Summarize for the reader what your paper just said. You should not be introducing any new material in your conclusion.

4. Reference Page. For every source that you cited within your paper, you need to provide proper APA References. 

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