Assignment seven: final paper one (

ssignment Seven


Due by midnight Monday, June 12

Directions:  Please look through all of your past rough drafts you have written for our course.  Choose one that you feel represents your best writing form.  This will become the basis for your first final paper.  Please improve it by completing the following requirements:

1.  Make sure that your work is long enough.  For a final draft, each paragraph should be between 7 and 12 sentences long.

2.  Make sure that you have a clear thesis as the last line of your introduction.  This should suggest your analysis (what you think the work means) and hint at the three symbols, lines, categories, etc. you will use to support it.

3.  Make sure that your support paragraphs include transitions and topic sentences.

4.  Review MLA form for header and spacing on OWL (Online Writing Lab at Purdue).  Make sure that your entire paper, even the date, is in MLA form.

5.  Use quotations from the story or poem and from two critics.

6.  Use a Works Cited sheet.

7.  Make sure that you speak of literature in the present tense and that you mention the author’s full name and title of the piece in the introduction.  Later the author can just be referred to by his or her last name.

8.  Spend significant time editing this.  There is no excuse for misspelled words, names of characters, authors, etc.  Extra credit is given to students who visit the Academic Success Center or use an on line service like Smart Thinking.  Please forward a page from the on line reaction or screen shot the completion slip from the center.  I am always available to meet with you in person to help you edit.

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