Assistive Technology

Assignment 14:  Assistive Technology**Part 1**Go to the Assistive Technology Industry Association website at and click on the AT Resources tab.  Click on the link to “What is Assistive Technology?”  Read the information provided on this web page.  Write a one-page paper (12-point font; 1-inch margins) answering the following questions:1.  What is assistive technology?2.  What is the best practice for choosing the right assistive technology for students?3.  Who pays for assistive technology in school systems?**Part 2A**Go to the Apple Education website at and review the information.  Choose two learning tools that will help students with disabilities get the most out of their device and write a paragraph on each tool describing what it is and how it can be used.  Include how the tool can be incorporated into the classroom.**Part 2B**Browse the Special Education App Collection in the iTunes Store at  If you do not have iTunes, useGoogle to search for an app related to each category. Choose one app from each of the following categories, review, and rate each one by writing a brief description of each and explain how it can be used:1.  Communication2.  Emotional Development3.  Motor and Visual Perception4.  Seeing and Hearing5.  Language Development6.  Life Skills7.  Tracker**Part 3**Go to the TeachThought website at and review the 34 assistive technology apps from Edshelf.  Choose five apps that you would use in your future classroom and align each one with one of these strategies: a)  strategies for students with cognitive disabilitiesb)  strategies for students with physical disabilitiesc)  strategies for students with sensory disabilitiesd)  strategies for students with ASDe)  strategies for students with gifts and talentsDescribe how each app would help you integrate technology strategies for special education students.


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