Balancing life in reality | English homework help

  (Unit 2)

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            To assist you in applying the concepts learned throughout this section of the course, you are assigned to interview someone with at least a ten-year history of balancing work, a committed relationship, family, and other responsibilities. In the interview, you will need to ask them about how they managed their work, family, committed relationship, and other responsibilities – the focus of this paper is about balancing work and life responsibilities, so make sure you address that aspect in this paper. Questions for the interview can vary, but you must carefully consider what you will ask during the interview and write the questions down before starting (this will help you to ask the most appropriate questions in order to fully complete this assignment). 

Based on the information gained during the interview, write a double-spaced paper – please include the list of questions you use, but do NOT use a question and answer format to write this paper.  Gather information using your questions about balancing work and family life, then use that information to complete the following:

  1. : Provide a brief description of the interview (include a list of your interview questions at the end of your paper). Who did you interview (use first names only)? What was their work/family/marriage history? What roles do they play in their work/relationships/other responsibilities? What have they done in order to balance these areas? (15 points)
  2. : What did you learn from this interview about balancing work, marriage, and family relationships? Did their responses correspond with information you learned during this unit of the class? If so, how? and if not, what differed? – base your response on readings, videos, lecture, etc. (15 points)
  3. : Based on what you learned from this interview, describe what you think you will do in the future to effectively balance your work, relationships, and other responsibilities. (20 points)

Grading Criteria:

  1. Grading criteria for this assignment is listed above. Your grade will depend on your ability to effectively and clearly address these issues. Please to make your paper clear.

*If you decide to quote or use ideas from the textbook please cite the information in-text by typing (Johnson, Miller, & Olsen, 2013), if you are using a direct quote please add the page number (Johnson, Miller, & Olsen, 2013 pg) If you are using information directly from class, you can type (Darcy Keady, Class Notes). This will help avoid issues regarding plagiarism.*

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