Bba365 week 1 assessment | Human Resource Management homework help

Question 1
Which of the following BEST represents leadership involvement?

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  1.     Maintaining public relations, influencing followers, and shared purpose
  2.     Influencing followers, maintaining stability, and punishment
  3.     Creating change, influencing followers, and shared purpose
  4.     Shared purpose, encouraging social activities, and employee training

Question 2    
Era 2, of the Model of Leadership Era, sees the emergence of:

  1.     severe global competition
  2.     hierarchy and bureaucracy.
  3.     constant change.
  4.     pre-industrial and pre-bureaucratic society.

Question 3
1.     Why is leadership considered an art?

  1.     Leadership takes practice and experience, as well as personal exploration and development.
  2.     Leadership skills and qualities can be built through reading good books and interacting with successful leaders.
  3.     Leadership skills are derived from setting personal and organizational goals.
  4.     Leaders with charisma characteristic can lead and motivate followers to collaboratively work successfully.

Question 4
Leadership experts agree that effective leaders:

  1.     have the courage to act on their beliefs.
  2.     lack self-awareness.
  3.     are not sure what they stand for.
  4.     are overall indecisive individuals.

Question 5
1.     Charismatic leadership is included under:

  1.     influence theories.
  2.     behavioral theories.
  3.     trait theories.
  4.     contingency theories.

4 points  
Question 6
1.     Effective leaders and effective followers are:

  1.     people with different traits.
  2.     people with different behaviors.
  3.     the same people, playing the same role.
  4.     the same people, playing different roles at different times.

Question 7
1.     Which of the following are included in new paradigm of the new reality for leadership?

  1.     Collaboration, diversity, and change and crisis management
  2.     Stability, empowerment, and hero
  3.     Uniformity, competition, and higher ethical purpose
  4.     Humble, diversity, and stability

Question 8
1.     Leaders __________ people with broader ideas of what the company should be and why.

  1.     provide
  2.     align
  3.     direct
  4.     control

Question 9
1.     Most leaders recognize that trying to maintain stability in a world of change is:

  1.     possible because of globalization.
  2.     a losing battle.
  3.     an important goal.
  4.     the goal of crisis management.

Question 10
1.     The financial crisis on Wall Street can be partially attributed to:

  1.     empowerment.
  2.     loan originators.
  3.     self-directed teams.
  4.     leadership vision.

Leadership is both an art and a science. Explain in detail


Management and leadership are not the same. Explain in detail


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