Best way to approach the neighbors in the community.

Topic: Best way to approach the neighbors in the community.

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Type of paper: Case study

Discipline: Law : Consumer Rights

Format or citation style: APA


As you approach the neighbors in the community, you and other officers are asking for any observations that were made during the morning hours as the missing child was leaving for school. You ask the following:

Did they witness anyone acting suspiciously?
Did they observe anyone in the company of the child?
Can they describe or identify the subject?
Do they know the name or location of the subject?

How you are going to approach these interviews. Include what items you may need to know more about, and keep the following in mind:

As a critical case, consider the significance of this case.
Are there any legal considerations that you must take into account? What are they?
How will you approach any questioning of school-aged children in the community?
Remember, no skilled interviewer or interrogator begins an interview or interrogation without a plan.
Consider preparing a plan.
Know what questions to ask prior to the neighborhood interview.
Know about the relevant facts found prior to asking questions.

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