Bio101 assignment | Biology homework help

  1. Watch a 5-minute video on the creation of a “Devil’s Garden” in Peru. ( . This is an example of (amongst other biological concepts) the importance of chemistry in biology.
  2. Please contribute to the discussion in the following ways:
    1. Briefly summarize the biological interactions that create Devil’s Gardens, mentioning the chemical(s) and organism(s) involved.
    2. Briefly research another example of a chemical that is important in biology and provide a clear description and explanation of the chemical itself and of the organisms involved.
    3. Please include your references.
  3. Post your response to the discussion forum titled “Unit 1: Chemistry in Biology” on the discussion board. NOTE: You are required to post your initial response as a new thread in order to view other posts in the forum.

You may click on the title of this assignment to go straight to the discussion board or click the Discussion Board link on the Course Menu.

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Part II – Discussion Participation

You should read as many of your classmates’ posts as time permits.Write a response to at least two other students. You may add to your classmate’s explanation or you may ask any questions to expand upon your understanding.

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