Blog post: future of educational technology

Blog Post: Future of Educational Technology

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This week you make the second entry to the blog you created in week three. Think about the events you chose for your timeline in Weeks One and Two. Why did you choose these events? What made them significant to you? Read the reports and explore the websites listed in the Week Four Resources document. Think about the events you think will be significant to education in the next few years. Identify the top five tools or trends you anticipate will significantly impact education in the next few years. 

The Scenario 

Imagine you have recently been hired as technology resource specialist on special assignment by the superintendent. You have been asked to develop a list of five trends or movements in the field of educational technology to which the large, urban K-12 school district should pay attention. 


  • Provide a brief introduction describing the steps you took to determine the five trends or movements.
  • Describe how each of your choices will impact learning. Justify your choices, giving the reason you chose each.
  • Provide educational examples of each choice and include how and why they might be implemented in curriculum. For example:

Badges can be powerful symbolism used by educators to reinforce desired behaviors of students. For example, a teacher could develop a critical thinking badge, a character badge, etc. and award badges to students when they demonstrate the type of behaviors associated with the description of the badges. This type of reinforcement increases motivation and captures elements of Bandura’s theories of social learning (e.g., modeling).

  • Your blog entry should be a minimum of 400 words.
  • Include an APA reference page with at least two references you used to determine your trends.

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