Introduction vs Abstract : what is the Difference?

In the realm of academia, thesis papers play a fundamental role in showcasing research and scholarly achievements. Within these papers, two sections serve distinct purposes: the introduction and the abstract. While both provide a glimpse into the paper’s content, they differ significantly in terms of their structure, focus, and overall objectives. This blog post aims to explore the disparity between these two sections, providing examples and highlighting their individual significance in academic writing

The Introduction:

The introduction of a thesis paper serves as the opening segment, laying the foundation for the study and setting the stage for the reader. It aims to provide essential context, elucidate the research problem, and convey the significance of the study. Typically, the introduction comprises several key components:

Opening Statement:

This initial part helps grab the reader’s attention and presents a general overview of the topic, highlighting its relevance in the broader academic field.

Example: “The quick advancements in technology have revolutionized how businesses operate, necessitating an in-depth examination of their impact on consumer behavior.”

Background Information

This section provides a summary review of existing literature, theories, and studies related to the research topic. It establishes the research gap that the current study aims to address.

Example: “Previous research on consumer behavior has primarily focused on traditional marketing channels, neglecting the role of social media as a catalyst in shaping consumer decision-making processes.”

Research Questions and Objectives

The introduction highlights the main research concerns that the dissertation or research tries to answer while outlining the specific study objectives.

Example: “This study explores the correlation between online brand engagement and purchase intention with the aim to investigate the impact of social media marketing on consumer decision-making processes.”

The Abstract:

While the introduction sets the stage, the abstract serves as a brief summary of the entire thesis paper. Placed at the beginning of the document, the abstract summarizes the study’s main points, enabling readers to quickly understand the paper’s purpose, methodology, findings, and conclusions. Key elements found in an abstract include:


The abstract outlines the purpose of the study, stating the research problem and the overarching goal of the research.

Example: “This study aims to investigate the impact of social media marketing on consumer behavior, specifically examining the role of online brand engagement in influencing purchase intention.”


Briefly described in the abstract, the research methodology used in the study is mentioned to provide readers with an overview of the approach taken.

Example: “A mixed-methods research design was employed, combining quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews to gather comprehensive insights.”

Results and Conclusion

The abstract provides a concise summary of the significant findings and conclusions derived from the study, highlighting the implications and potential contributions to the field.

Example: “The findings reveal a strong positive correlation between online brand engagement and purchase intention, emphasizing the crucial role of social media marketing in driving consumer behavior.”

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