Blood balance formula | Applied Sciences homework help

The level of blood glucose 2 hours after a person starts to eat meal is lesser than 140mg/dl in a person who is not suffering from diabetes. The diabetics who are not properly taking care of their meals often suffer from high-level after meals. This level mainly varies with the amount of carbohydrates and the amount of insulin being produced by the diabetic’s body. The medication that diabetic are taking and the efficiency of those medicines to trigger insulin production also determines the level of blood glucose.


The health care professional is in a better position of determining the level of blood glucose that is right for him at different parts of the day.

Another screening test needed by the medical team for prescribing the best treatment is HbA1C; this test is generally termed A1C. The result of this test points out a number that is followed by a sign of percentage. The results of the test indicate that a non diabetic person has a value that is less than 6%. A diabetic who is properly taking care of his medications also have an A1C value that is less that 6%. The prime aim of diabetic is to lower down hemoglobin A1C and bring it near to 6%.



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