Book review: ishmael (quinn, daniel)

If you read the book talk to me.  

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1. In the story, Ishmael uses the terms leavers and takers. Who are the leavers? Who are the takers? Explain a bit of the

history. 2-3 paragraphs  (24 points)

2. CHOOSE only ONE of the FOLLOWING two questions to answer (A or B). 

Please be sure to identify with your response which one you are answering!  

Again, please choose ONLY ONE (A or B)!  3-4 paragraphs (36 points)

A. What do you think of Ishmael (the character in the story)? Describe him in as much detail as you can. Do you like

his philosophy? If so, offer two or three examples of what you liked and why. If not, offer up two or three

examples of things you didn’t like (and explain why). 

B. Does Ishmael (the character) come across as an advocate of ‘sustainable living’? Explain. Please offer two or

three specific examples from the book that support your opinion.  

3. Did you like this book? Would you recommend that I require its reading in future Geog. 304 classes? Explain. (Feel free to 

include comments on what you did and didn’t like about Ishmael.)  2-3 paragraphs  (30 points)

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