Bshs 455 week 1 individual the etiology of addiction quiz

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: The Etiology of Addiction Quiz.  Submit your completed quiz for grading.  Please title your quiz as follows:  Your Name Quiz. 

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Bshs 455 week 1 individual the etiology of addiction quiz
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10 Questions Answered

Scored: 2/2


1.    ___________ serve as the chemical messengers of our brain.


2.    True or False: The area of the brain in which addiction develops is called the limbic system.


3.    The ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________ is considered one of the most important brain pathways of the addictive system process, because it is a major pathway for reward or punishment, pleasure or pain, motivation, and emotion.


4.    True or False: The medial forebrain bundle bypasses the cerebral cortex so the addictive process occurs at an unconscious level.


5.    The _________ plays an important role in recording and replaying the significance of prior drug use to the person.


6.    True or False: Neural pruning is a process in the brain that occurs as individuals age. This process is more active during the first few years of life with another spurt during adolescence. However, neural pruning goes on throughout life as humans learn new things and give up old habits. Researchers believe that the reason why individuals experience psychosis when smoking marijuana is that the natural human cannabenoid system is overwhelmed by smoking marijuana, which disrupts the dopamine system and the neural pruning process, leading to dysfunctional connections.


7.    ____________occurs when higher and lower levels of dopamine caused by drug use establish a molecular memory of a drug experience leading to cravings and the belief that the person needs drugs.


8.    True or False: Binge drinking effectively poisons your body.


9.    True or False: There is no connection between genetics and addiction.


10.  There are pharmacological drugs that can help reduce drug cravings during withdrawal from certain substances. Name one and what it is used for.

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