Bus 475 week four questions

I need these three questions answer for bus 475 implementation chapter 10 startegic management.   Please attach the question to each answer i need these questions asap 

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Question 1 Timing Napier, the benefits of effective communications, as you noted, go a long way toward enhancing employee relations and enabling employees to work together to achieve goals.  You might also have experienced situations where employees do not receive enough information and then fill in the gaps (with rumors?).

All, when leadership is still in the development or planning stages of a change, at what point should they initiate communications with employees? Is it best to wait until all details are finalized? Alternatively, should communications begin at the onset of a potential change?  Why/why not?


question 2 external stakeholders communications  Class, we discussed the importance of involving a wide range of stakeholders during analysis, to obtain comprehensive viewpoints.  Would you also communicate your strategic plan to external partners, vendors, stakeholders?  Why/why not.


Question 3 Managing Upwards I agree that communication goes a long way toward improving employee morale.   In a workplace where information is not shared, morale can quickly spiral downward, as you noted.  It probably will not be too long before productivity is impacted, something which companies cannot afford. Communication can be an issue, as it relates to an organization’s culture. In some instances, a contributing factor may just be a manager who may need to develop his/her communication skills.

All, have you encountered situations where you might consider “managing upward?”  By that I mean, asking questions of your manager/supervisor, regarding organizational, departmental, or division plans? Perhaps, it may mean taking it one step further in approaching the manager, suggesting that, to ensure you are working toward company goals, perhaps status or feedback meetings could be scheduled.  What are your thoughts regarding this approach? Advantages? Disadvantages?

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