Business plan block – final


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1.0 Executive Summary

     1.1 Objectives

2.0 Mission, Vision and Culture

       2.1 Mission

       2.2 Vision

       2.3 Culture

3.0 Company Summary

       3.1 Company Ownership

       3.2 Start-up Summary

4.0 Market Opportunity Analysis and Research

       4.1 Industry Analysis

       4.2 Environmental Analysis

       4.3 Competitive Analysis

5.0 Market Strategy and Plan

        5.1 Products / Services

        5.2 Pricing

        5.3 Promotion

        5.4 Place

6.0 Management and Operations

          6.1 Management Team

          6.2 Research and Development

          6.3 Physical Location

          6.4 Facilities

          6.5 Inventory, Production, and Quality Assurance

7.0 Financial Analysis and Projections

        7.1 Sources and Uses of Capital

        7.2 Cash Flow Projections

        7.3 Balance Sheet Projections

        7.4 Income Statement Projections

        7.5 Breakeven Analysis

        7.6 Ratio Analysis

        7.7 Risk and Assumptions

8.0 Funding Request and Exit Strategy

        8.1 Amount and Type of Funds Requested

        8.2 Exit Plan

        8.3 Milestones

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