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This has four parts to it has two discussion it needs to be 75 to 150 words and a  500 to 750 word essay and another paper APA styles and I have attached what the APA style paper should look like and it has to be work cited with the website and thanks


 Please read the instructions presented and just don’t tell you read but you still don’t understand.




 3Discussion Literature Review Details

For our discussion this week, please conduct a series of searches by going to an online tool such as Google and searching the library resources provided at Grantham University.

In your primary thread, please provide (1) an example of a peer-reviewed source, (2) a high-quality scholarly source that is not peer reviewed and (3) an example of a source that you should *never* use in an academic project. 

So, for instance, you could share an article you found in the library, a website written by a professor or museum, and a website such as TheOnion, which would never be used in an academic project. 

Finally, answer this question: Why are sources so controversial and difficult? Why is it important that our sources be selected with so much care? Does this play into our discussion last week about variables? 

As you respond to each other’s threads, be sure to engage about this final question. Why ARE sources so difficult? Why must they be selected with so much care?

3 Peer-Reviewed and Scholarly Sources

In our readings this week, we discussed peer-reviewed sources and scholarly sources, as well as annotated bibliographies.

For your assignment this week, find six scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles and write an annotated bibilography for each using APA format. (There are several websites that can assist you in finding the correct way to formulate an APA annotated bibliography.)

4 Discussion IRB Ethics

Should a marketing firm that is gathering information from human subjects, in good conscience, have an IRB?

How should this work for marketing firms that are working with clients outside of their organization?

 4IRBs in Different Settings

In a 500-750 word essay, discuss two different types of IRBs and their application in different organizations. How are they different and how are they alike? How much importance should each organization place in IRBs?

Your essay should strictly follow APA formatting, citation, and style guidelines.


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