Calculate financial parameters for a renewable energy project

Calculate the Projects cash flows, NPV and IRR in a spreadsheet model.

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Correct computation of cash flow including depreciation, correct NPV and IRR computations using excel. (18 to 20 pts)

Cash flow missing some components such as depreciation, or computed incorrectly, but within reason.  NPV and IRR computations appear to follow from cash flows. (16 to 18 pts)

Cash flow computation incorrect, missing key elements or major mistakes.  NPV or IRR are computed and follow from cash flows. (14 to 16 points)

Attempt at cash flow computation, but major flaws in the model or no use of model.  Assumptions not reasonable, or make the problem trivial.  No or incorrect IRR and NPV. (12 to 14 points)

No attempt at cash flow, too many assumed parameters make problem trivial, no attempt at computation of NPV or IRR or unreasonable computations submitted. (11 points and less)

Calculate the cost of capital for the project.

Correct identification of WACC as cost of capital.  Use of BS figures to compute weights, and use of CAPM or DCF file to compute ke.  Use of kd from BS reporting with references. (18 to 20 points)

Computation as per requirements for A grade, but mistakes in math or minor errors in application of CAPM or DCF model. (16 to 18 points)

Computation of WACC attempted, but ke computation not based on CAPM or DCF model. Major errors in application of CAPM or DCF may result in downgrade to this category. (14 to 16 points)

Cost of capital not based on WACC, but logic applied that yields a reasonable estimate that may be supported by argument (but which is wrong due to failure to use WACC as Cost of Capital) (12 to 14 points)

No use of WACC or other arguable method, trivial or incorrect identification of cost of capital due to misunderstanding of concept (11 points or less)

Prepare a cash flow statement for the project using the direct method.

Well documented, reasoned and explained statement in proper format. (9 to 10 points)

DCF statement prepared, but poor formatting or assumptions that are not explained. (8 points)

DCF statement with many errors and no formatting, but attempt at correct method obviously made. (7 points)

DCF statement based on wrong method or not presented so that it can be followed or understood. (6 points)

No DCF statement or only text on DCF with no computations. (5 points or less)

Justify weather the project should be undertaken/estimate cost of capital for assets.

Use of NPV to justify project (9 or 10  points)

Reasonable argument given, but not based on NPV or IRR (8 points)

Anything else (7 or 6  points)

Not addressed (1

5 points or less)


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