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Justice and System Liability


The legal standard of proof of guilt for our criminal courts is “beyond a reasonable doubt.”


“Beyond a reasonable doubt” is a standard the judge and jury must measure.


Many columnists, media commentators, and public members perceive the court system in a state of disrepair; lacking the ability to serve proper justice.


Court verdicts regarding O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Casey Anthony, and George Zimmerman are often cited as examples.


More recently, grand juries in two separate incidents found no cause to indict police officers for perceived unlawful action.


 What is the definition of justice?


What role should the public have in the determination of justice?


 What role should the media have in the determination of justice?


What legal liability do the judge, jury, prosecutor, or defense hold for decisions regarding criminal law decisions and actions?


What improvements (if any) are necessary regarding legal liability and criminal law decisions?


Explain and justify all responses with appropriate research (including from the electronic readings).


Note – this is often an emotional discussion – please maintain professionalism – if you make assertions; substantiate them with credible research.


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