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Lab Assignment – The Life Line


Most people naturally divide the life cycle into separate periods of time, or stages, during which they expect certain events to occur (starting a family, establishing a career, retirement, etc.). To clarify your own view of the life cycle, develop a time line of your life up to this point and as you project it to be in the future. At the beginning of the line, list your date of birth. At the end, list a projected date of death. At an approximate spot midway along the line (depending on your age), list today’s date. Now, summarize your life to the present by listing any especially significant events at the appropriate points along the line above today’s date (example: starting school, moving to a new neighborhood, puberty, etc.). Next, project your future as you see it today by filling in the latter part of your lifeline. List who you hope to be (your profession or family plans, for example), what you hope to accomplish, and any expected pressures and responsibilities (dealing with adult children and elderly parents, for example) five years from now, ten years from now, and so forth until your death.

Note: After completing your “LIFE LINE” diagram, provide supporting narratives (written portion) describing your diagram. Submit your double spaced document via blackboard.

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