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Good literacy educators must often utilize critical thinking skills in identifying their students’ strengths and challenges. They may have to rely on sound reasoning to identify issues that are presenting obstacles to the reading process and formulate inferences in diagnosing causes of reading difficulties. In some cases, students’ comprehension and fluency may be contributing to their reading difficulties and teachers must identify their students’ faulty reasoning or assumptions students have made. In other situations, factors such as parental support, motivation or self-confidence can impact reading issues.

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Apply your critical thinking skills of sound reasoning to consider some of the possible obstacles in the following case study and respond to the following:

  • What are some “clues” that identify Gianna’s weak skills?
  • Identify reading strategies that might help you to resolve these issues. Make sure to address at least 3 of her weak skills.
  • Why did you select these 3 skills as being most in need of attention?

Case Study: Gianna (


Review the case study of Gianna and then answer the questions below.

Based on what you learned in this week’s chapter reading, what are some recommended strategies, activities, or skills you would recommend for Gianna? Be specific in including 3–4 details from the unit; for example how you might provide more access to Reading materials or opportunities in the classroom, comprehension strategies you might teach Gianna or ideas for word-level instruction. Make sure to explain how you would incorporate these activities/skills based on the Reading and why. Do not forget to include your references!

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