Cd 170: principles of child development assignment 3: child

This observation must be done in a child’s natural environment. These locations include, but are not limited to; a playground, the library, their home, their classroom, a restaurant, etc.
Please provide the location where you performed your observation, as well as the time and date. While performing your observation, try to make yourself “invisible.” Do not interact with the child or get involved in the activities.

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** It is important not to influence the child’s behavior. You are there to observe**
Point Distribution:
Part 1A: 5 points. Part 1B: 10 points. Part 2A: 25 points total (5 points for each area of development: gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive and social-emotional). Part 2B: 10 points. Failure to include a picture of the child being observed will result in a deduction of 5 points.


Part 1: Objective Observation

A. Describe the child objectively. Include such information as age, gender, race, and physical characteristics that might influence the child’s development.

B. Find an area where you can write comfortably and have visual contact with child. Be sure not to get to close to the child, as they may attempt to engage you in their activities. Your purpose is strictly to observe, not to interact with the child.

Write down objective observations, only what the child is doing, saying, or how the child reacts to a particular situation. No subjective comments or interpretations of the child’s behavior should be made. There should be typed observations totaling 30 minutes (about one full page) so plan to observe the child for at least 1 hour.


Part 2: Subjective Interpretation

A. Conduct research on the developmental milestones for the age in which you observed. Write the skills you observed in the appropriate developmental domains: gross motor, fine motor, language, cognitive and social-emotional.

B. Next, discuss your impression of the child’s strengths and areas for improvement developmentally. 

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