Choose one of the three modern connection you wrote about in the


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Modern Connections

Topic: Choose one of the three modern connection you wrote about in the Making Connections assignment.

Format: MLA format, Times New Roman, size 12, no cover page

Length: 4-5 pages

Use of Outside Sources: You must make appropriate use of at least five reliable, college-level sources. All of your sources should be credible, scholarly preferred, and at least three must be from a database within Galileo or be scholarly books checked out from a USG library. NO ordinary dot com sites (i.e. or Wikipedia pages should be used. General encyclopedias such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Funk and Wagnalls World Book, are not college-level sources despite being in GALILEO. Specialized encyclopedias, such as The Encyclopedia of Feminist Literature, are fine.


  • Have I incorporated an MLA style author block, title, and pagination?
  • Is my essay double-spaced?
  • Does my introduction contain a hook and enough development to interest the reader?
  • Is my thesis clear? Have I stated and defined my position clearly and concisely?
  • Do my body paragraphs contain evidence from my research materials in support of my thesis?
  • Have I used in-text citations for all paraphrased and quoted research material?
  • Does my conclusion adequately complete my discussion of the topic? Does it leave the reader thinking about the essay?
  • Have I included an MLA style Works Cited Page with at least FIVE credible sources?
  • Are all of my sentences stated as clearly and concisely as possible?
  • Is my writing free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors?

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