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Citation Exercise- Guidelines




The Citation Exercise provides practice in completing citations for research sources using MLA style.




Milton S Hershey – Citations


The first essay requires a profile of a famous individual—one who is known for delivering a memorable speech.  The Works Cited Exercise required completion of three works cited entries for sources to be used in the essay.


First, review the assigned reading regarding paraphrasing, summarizing, direct quotations, and block quotation.


Next, refer to the three sources chosen for the Works Cited Exercise.  Choose a passage from each source (four or five sentences in length).


Using the passages, create one direct quotation, one block quotation, and one paraphrased or summarized passage. 


Provide an MLA style, in-text citation for each passage.


Create a revised copy of the Works Cited page based on the feedback in the Module 2 assignment.




Size 12 print


Times New Roman font


Double space (all lines).


Label each passage (Direct Quotation, Block Quotation, Paraphrase (or Summarized) Passage


Introduce direct quotations and block quotations with your words.


Use hanging indent for Works Cited entries.


Center the title (Works Cited).


Include a page number in the top right corner of the page of the Works Cited page


Refer to the Rubric to view the criteria by which the exercise will be graded.


Refer to the syllabus to note the due date of the exercise.


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