Classic texts philosophy final paper thomas hobbes / niccolo

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Address ALL of the following themes:

Cite specific examples from the text to support your answer.

Consider Thomas Hobbes’ treatment of nature, society and government in Leviathan and Niccolo Machiavelli’s treatise on power, government and humanity in The Prince.

  1. Discuss the similarities and differences between Hobbes’ and Machiavelli’s view of human nature. Take into account the historical/political environment of both authors at the time of their writing, and its possible effect on their anthropological outlook (i.e. their understanding of the human person).
  1. What is the purpose of government, according to Machiavelli and Hobbes? What human problems are these governments designed to solve, and how will they achieve this?  What rights would the people have in these states?
  1. In what way can it be said that Machiavelli and Hobbes advocate a modern approach to politics (different from the ancient/classical approach)?
  1. Consider a Machiavellian world. If all leaders (and people) were to act according to Machiavelli’s advice, especially about virtue and vice, what sort of society or state would be the result? Would it resemble any nations or regimes in the world today (or in history)?

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