Classroom Management Plan

ANSWER EACH QUESTION LABEL THE QUESTION BEFORE YOU ANSWER THE QUESTION!QUESTION:A description of what your ideal classroom would contain (reading corner, classroom library, hands on stations, centers, computers, ipads, tables vs. desks, sink, storage, colors…dream big!)QUESTION:Communication with parentsHow and what will you include in your communication on a weekly basis?Collaboration (teachers/families/students)Tips for parents/teacher conferencesQUESTION:How IDEA applies to your classroomSpecial needs students in your classroom-what types of special needs students would have the potential to be in your room and how you will make accommodationsResponse To Intervention (RTI)Gifted learnersEnglish Language Learners (ELL)Cultural sensitivityTeacher responsibility in child abuse reportingQUESTION:summary of what a Classroom Management Plan is


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