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You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the methods of defeating writer’s block as well as generating and organizing ideas for an essay are as varied as the students in this class. One tried and true strategy, however, is outlining, which can be a particularly effective technique at various stages of the writing process. Many people dread creating an outline, but the time you spend creating one will save you time and frustration as you begin writing the draft. An outline gives you a solid framework or map of ideas to build upon. Working without an outline can send writers off into the weeds — tangents that trail off and don’t necessarily contribute to the paper’s logic. These tangents can waste a lot of your valuable time, so do try to plan your paper by constructing a plan that includes the main supporting points for your argument, whether simple or complex.

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However, an outline does not have to look like the traditional Roman numeral outline that many of you created for your research papers in high school. The Writing Center provides templates for a number of other organizational strategies that can be equally effective methods for sorting out the ideas you have for your draft.

Review the following Writing Center materials on prewriting and paragraph construction:

How to Write a Strong Paragraph

Paragraph Development

Graphic Organizers for Invention


Getting Started on a Draft: Cures for Writer’s Block

Then, respond to the following questions:

Find a strategy for defeating writer’s block that looks useful. Use the strategy to work on your blueprint for progress and then discuss whether you found the approach successful and why. What were you able to accomplish using this approach? Would you recommend it to others? Why or why not?

· Using one of the tools in the Graphic Organizers for Invention guide, a traditional outline, or another organizational method, generate four ideas for your draft. Make sure the ideas are expressed in complete sentences that could function as topic sentences for paragraphs. Then, discuss why these points will help to convince your audience about the feasibility of your big idea.


This is all the work that I have done so far


A problem that I find that has potential to be fixed in my community is BULLYING with-in the school system. The first step I believe I should take is meeting with the school administrators along with other staff to get permission in order to get other resources involved.

When I get permission from the school I plan on going to the Family Violence Project to see if they can spare anyone to meet at the local schools on a monthly basis. They would come and talk about the effects of bullying in the schools. The second step I would take is to talk to the Augusta Police Department to see if they could spare a police officer as well for the meeting. The final step I would take would be to find a bullying survivor along with a “retired” bully to speak with the kids to explain the how to survive a bully attack and why they were bullying.

The reason behind having an advocate from the Family Violence Project there would be to stress the long term effects of bullying on both the one being bullied and the toll it takes on the family. I wanted to involve a Police Officer because I wanted to stress the legal ramifications of bullying and cyber bullying. The thinking behind having a person there who has survived bullying is to show them it will end and things they can do to make it easier by talking to their families, teachers, and school guidance consolers. Finally having someone there that used to be a bully and explain to the students what made them become a bully and how being a bully affected their life in a negative way.

This is a subject that I really feel strongly about because my daughter has been bullied due to skin color and something as simple as having new school cloths. I am hopefully going to be able to do this in my area. I hope after that it will continue to more schools before more kids are lost.

Q- What makes bullying an offensive and psychologically damaging to people in the social community?

Answer- Bullying is offensive and psychologically damaging among social communities because, it makes a handful of people think that they hold supreme authority to tease others based on their caste, creed or color. It is totally a non acceptable way of thinking.

Q- What are a few recent modified trends in bullying?

Answer- In fact, I am not very sure about it, however, I think people bully others apart from the traditional issues. Any issue that makes their thinking uneasy or hurts their ego anyway causes them to get motivated for bullying others. This is done either face to face or on the internet.

Q- How bullying can be studied as a research topic?

Answer- Obviously, bullying can be studied as a research topic because it exists in various forms and structures.

Q- What can stop bullying in the society?

Answer- Bullying can be stopped only through social awareness. People ought to realize their duties as responsible citizens in society to give equal place to every other individual. There is no need to have an bullying so severe that it becomes the source of physical violence to others or person being bullied, and affecting the wholesome growth of society. Nobody has to be treated with an inferior perspective due to his skin color or to what religion he or she belongs to. That is just a few examples by the way.
Part 2
Bullying happens more then the media leads us to believe because it is happening in every school in America. It needs to end because not only are they killing themselves, but they are hurting themselves, and losing there self esteem as well. We as a society need to put an end to this and save our children from the harmful effects of bullying.

A new muse latterly published in the Volume of Criminology hint that the anti-bullying programs that have become popular in to many, may not be as useful as previously thought. The authors examined 7000 kids at 195 different schools to try to determine children and school influences on aggression. Surprisingly, the authors establish that children who went to schools with anti-bullying programs were more likely to have bullying than children who accompanied schools without such programs. In fairness, the data is correlational, so it’s not possible to say that anti-bullying programs necessarily lead to more bullying. One could argue that, perhaps, schools with larger bullying problems were more likely to enforce anti-bullying programs. Nonetheless, this data suggests such programs may not be awfully effective.

This is not the first field of study to suggest that anti-bullying may be over advertised. I conducted with colleagues Claudia San Miguel and Can Kilburn a statistical review of anti-bullying programs and the final result in 2007 which concluded that most such programs don’t work well. At the time, we commented that many such programs seemed placed towards growing fears and thoughts of failing to truly understand bullying from children’s linear perspective. To be fair, other scholars are more sanguine about such programs. In the Journal of Experimental Criminology, Part Ttofi and David Farrington suggested that mortal-intimidation programs can be good. But my own read of the data is that most anti-bullying programs cause only marginal changes in bullying behaviors and may not be worth their cost.(Ferguson2013)

Ferguson, C. J. (2013). Anti-Bullying Programs Could Be a Waste of Time. Time.Com, 1.

Bullying is one of the problems that many college students are facing. There are different types of bullying and students have suffered for quite long in silence. The first step I feel feasible is to visit a number of colleges and collect information about bullying. With this step, I feel that I will help in dealing with bullying by getting to the root of the matter. The big question in this case will be why students bully others. I will do so with an aim of helping bullied students recover from the various possible strategies, (Anonymous, 2013). Some of the strategies will include getting a guest speaker to explain how one could recover from bullying instead of suffering in silence. Getting validation and recognition, talking to someone and seeking medical care are among other ways of recovering from bullying. Secondly, I will ask one of the workers in rehabilitation centers explain the reasons why students bully others. These reasons range poor upbringing to violence in the home as one was growing up.

I have been saddened by the increase in bullying cases and I cannot just continue to sit and watch. It is the highest time that we talked about bullying from the perspective of why bullying occurs. It will be easier to stop bullying than to cure the harm that comes afterwards. Some students feel that bullying is fun and choose to do it. They need to be aware of how hurting it is and the ugly scars it leaves to the victim, (Goody, 2013). Others think it is a way of creating popularity, expressing their strength and control and in others it is a defense mechanism. Most of these students had a tough background and it will only be fair to research on the reasons as to why students bully others to help fight the vice.


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