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Comment 1

The Binomial distribution has three conditions; the trials should be independent of each other.A)    the outcome can be categorized into two categories say “Success” and “failure.”B)    The probability of success or failure is constant for each trial. An example of binomial example would be the number of times (out of a certain number say 100) How many teenagers will successfully pass the Driver test has to stop in a crossing due to stop sign (red light). Suppose the probability that which will be passing the driver test is 0.45 and if we count for 100 such cases we will get how many will pass the test and thus a binomial distribution.


Comment 2

Agree. But, Driverless cars may arrive sooner than you think. However, companies are racing to bring safe and reliable autonomous vehicles or autonomous vehicles to the market vehicles are capable of navigating public roads without any input from a human driver. But whether these autonomous vehicles can legally hit the streets depends on where you are. Also, the question has been left to the states, and, so far, only a few states have answered. For the time being, federal regulators have declined to issue nationwide Autonomous vehicles regulations, and only nine states and District of Columbia have already passed laws addressing autonomous vehicles. On the other hand, most of these states’ laws preclude truly driverless cars, requiring a backup human driver behind the wheel. Only Florida allows driverless cars, as long as there is a remote operator that can take control of the vehicle in the event of a failure.


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