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Family structural theory refers to that theory that is interested in the identification of the potential of a family system so as to diminish the dysfunctional patterns of interaction (Chibucos, Leite, & Weis, 2005). The family structural theory has been explained by the family systems theory that explains that the family is viewed as a set of interrelationships and interactions. A family refers to the social unit that comprises of the parents and their young ones enabling them to be classified as a group. 
 The family structural theory has gone ahead to explain how different family individuals relate with each other so as to come up with a baseline (Goldenberg, & Goldenberg, 2008). The interactions among the family members enable people to identify the reason why individuals of the same family behave in the manner they do, their boundaries, their duties, responsibilities, and the ability to adapt to changes in their surroundings. 
 Dysfunctional refers to the situation by which a family continues to misbehave, conflict, and abuse the children in a continuous manner (Allen, 2010). The individuals that grow in these families tend to adopt these behaviors and actions which increase the probability of being irresponsible adults in the future. Therefore, a dysfunctional family refers to that family that does not cooperate when performing different tasks.
 Therefore, the fact that the family structural theory explains a family to be a set of interactions, disapproves a family to be dysfunctional. The family structural theory requires the family members to always work together so as to achieve the assigned duties and responsibilities. Also, the theory requires every family to implement different sets of rules and regulations that will govern the behavior of all the family members leading to ethical conduct.

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