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Assignment: Please compile and submit your Final Paper Proposal. At minimum, you are expected to have a title page, headings (as outlined below), Literature Review, Communication Theory, Communication Phenomenon and a References. It should be written in APA format (12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margins). 

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DUE Monday, November 24th by Midnight as a .WORD or .PDF

Paper Guidelines to consider

Format: This paper should be written in APA format (12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1 inch margins). It should include a title page and references.

Paper Outline: (Please use these headings)


Literature review

Communication Theory

Communication Phenomenon



2.   Introduction: A brief introduction to the paper should be interesting, introduce the content of the paper, and give the reader a reason for why this subject is important. It should also provide a detailed thesis statement.  Literature Review: A literature review should include current scholarly knowledge about a particular topic (communication phenomenon and theory) such as findings, theoretical and methodological contributions. A literature review is comprised of secondary, scholarly sources and does not report new or original work.

4.   Communication Phenomenon/Media Text: The communication phenomenon is an exchange of information between a give and a receiver, that requires the understanding of context. A communication phenomenon can be a communication event, text, act, or conversation. Your paper should focus on a specific text that portrays that phenomenon. Additionally, the paper should give some context and or history about the phenomenon and describe the media text.


5.   Analysis: The analysis should apply the communication theory to the communication phenomenon in order to better understand the phenomenon. This section should be your original work and not a summary of someone else’s analysis. It should include inferences about the phenomenon based on the communication theory.  

6.   Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the major parts of the paper. It should also provide some future direction for understanding and application to real world issues.

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