Community Service Learning

RTM 300- Community Service Learning Paper: OutlineCommunity Service Learning: Points: 15Students will be responsible for researching a community organization of their choice, in a “different” community from one’s own. The organization must be approved inadvance by the instructor and cannot be related to paid work or activities completed for another class.Your paper must be 1-2 pages and should include:- History of the organization.- Programs/services the organization offer.- Discuss the population/target audience the organization serves.- Discuss the volunteer program:- What volunteer opportunities are available (virtual and/or in-person)?- Volunteerrequirements (fingerprinting, training, etc.).- Is the volunteer program a hiring pool?- Timeframe for volunteer assignments and retention rate.- Pre/Post COVID information: Moving forward.- If possible, contact a staff person, volunteer or participant who can provide you with insight.- Information you found worth mentioning.- Based on your research, would you volunteer for the organization? Why/why not? Do you have suggestions for the organization that can help their volunteer program thrive?


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