Company selection and stock watch – course project

this is the first course project out of 5 you will be doing, the others will stem off of this one so I will use you for the rest. i will use the same person on the succeeding assignments on this course project. i will be paying $7 on each of following assignments  



Course Project – Company Selection and Stock Watch


For this assignment, you will prepare a stock watch. Begin by conducting an Internet search to select five company stocks. Yahoo! Finance is an excellent resource. Two of your selected company stocks must be from the same industry (i.e. Ford, General Motors).




Download the Company Selection and Stock Watch. Excel file and complete the requested information for your five selected company stocks. For each stock, your table should contain the following information:


Date from which you are quoting information

The name of the company and its stock (ticker) symbol.

The current price of the stock

The board on which the company’s stock is traded

Three financial facts about the company that may be relevant to investing in the stock



The goal of this assignment is to assist you in understanding basic investment ideas. In future weeks, you will choose three of these stocks for further analysis.

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