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This essay requires that you find a core relationship between one Fallacy/Effect/Bias (e.g. The Third Person Effect,  Confirmation Bias, Groupthink, etc) and Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News? or The Certainty of Donald Rumsfeld. 

For the first option, the objective here would be to carefully show how a journalistic theory, expressed by Greenwald orKeller, displays an awareness of the pitfalls of one of the aforementioned biases/effects.

For the second option, the objective is to show how the rationality, the argumentative tactics, deployed by Rumsfeld, reveal a strategic use of one of the fallacies/effects/biases.

For either option, rhetorically, introduce one of the biases/effects, and explain how this phenomenon applies to understanding or communicating information in general. Once you have both explained the concept at its core, and described how it would apply to the goals of journalism or the goals of this politician, then argumentatively connect it within the debate between Keller and Greenwald or Rumsfeld’s individual statements. 

Essentially (for option one) you want to make the case that either Keller or Greenwald’s metric is more conscientious of the particular bias/effect and thus their particular approach is more capable of avoiding its consequences. 

Essentially (for option two) you want to make the case that Rumsfeld’s strategic use of a particular fallacy/bias/effect, allows him to argumentatively push an agenda forward. 

 12 pt. font, double-spaced, 3 Full pages 

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