Comparative grammar project and annotated lesson plan


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Step 1: Submit your draft of lesson plan due by 11:59pm June 14:

Please submit your draft of final lesson plan project in a word document here. It will be due by 11:59pm June 14 (Sunday). During the initial stage, your submission could be your rough draft of your lesson plan. 

Make sure you have included the following required components in this draft for your classmates to review at this stage:

–Language comparison, grammar focus of instruction, and establishment of relevance

–Introductory Statement of Your Language Task

–Structured input activity, structured practice activity and output assessment activity

 Remember: The other components in the provided lesson plan template are optional depending on each individual’s progress; the more you have submitted, the more feedback you may receive from your learning community.

Please use the provided template of lesson plan project to build up your lesson!!

The purpose of this assignment is to help you better prepare for your final lesson plan project. As your course instructor, I sincerely hope that every one in the class would feel comfortable and confident while you are working on your final lesson plan project.

For the rough draft at the initial stage,  you will receive your points (10 points) based on your timely submission of this assignment on the due day. If not, you may lose your points! I won’t evaluate the quality of this assignment at this stage.  Again, I don’t want you to work on this project until the last minute and then find that you are not in the correct direction.

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