Comparative Political Systems

There are 3 sources for each question that you must use to answer the question. Answer each question in multiple paragraphs in the format of PEEL, I do not want a full essay full of facts. You must use all the sources attached for each question. So 3 different essays, 1 for each question. Each question must have around 850 words.The sources are labelled for each. For example, “first question – first source” “third question – second source”No formal citations or bibliography is necessary. When you refer to an author or text in the reading, simply name him/her/it. In this manner, be sure to distinguish between your ideas and those of others.PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OUTSIDE SOURCES ONLY THE SOURCES I HAVE ATTACHED.The questions:1. What do we mean by “modernity”? Can it coexist with “tradition”? Explain with reference to at least three relevant course readings.2. Some scholars suggest that ethnicity and nationalism are wired into us and define who we are from time immemorial. Others disagree and argue that ethnic identities and nation-states are modern-day constructions. Drawing on at least three course texts, how do you adjudicate this debate?3. Why and under what circumstances do people resist a regime as opposed to toppling it in the course of a social revolution? Discuss with reference to at least three course texts.


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