Compare and contrast easy fix grammer and finish last body paragraphs

#3,or-#4NOT#2).1. Your essay should include:

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1. One intro paragraph with a hook and a thesis statement ( the thesis statementmust be the last sentence of this paragraph)2. Three body paragraphs with three topic sentences (each topic sentence shouldhave ONE controlling idea and reflect the thesis statement).3. One conclusion paragraph  4. One simile or metaphor in the paper (that you created)   5. Coherence, Support and Unity6. Formal writing style7. Specific examples in each body paragraph8. You must use and correctly cite 2 sources that are academic and credible.  Youmust cite them correctly – both in text and in the references. One source can beReading 1 (if you are doing topic #1) from RCS Chapter 8.  The sources must beacademic and credible. They CANNOT be from the internet (unless they are fromthe library’s article database. EBSCO is a good place to start).9. Each paragraph must have at least 2 well-developed and detailed examples. Eachparagraph needs 2 citations. You may only use one quote in your paper.  Allother information from your sources must be paraphrased.10. Your paper must have a separate page at the end listing your references.11. You must use three words from the AWL that are NOT related to Compare andContrast or to previous classroom topics.

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