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Using your own culture to compare to another country, prepare a 4 page memorandum for an organization’s management team that addresses the following:

-Describe how each country regards women and religion. Be sure to describe three assumptions about women and religion that influence views in each country.

-Assess how these assumptions impact an organization’s global recruiting and hiring practices. For example, could a woman hold a leadership role in your country of interest? How does religion influence your organization and work culture?

-Analyze what the GINI index data suggests about recruiting a gender-balanced workforce. For example, what challenges must you manage in developing a gender-balanced workforce in this country? Note: Use the World Bank Web site to locate the GINI index, which is linked in the Resources under the Required Resources.

-Recommend global recruiting and hiring practices based on the assumptions and data.

-Identify ways that a globally diverse workforce impacts an organization’s performance

-Describe how diversity differs from Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

-Write in a professional style using APA citations

 The following resources are required to complete the assessment. 

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