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 Throughout  the  course,  you  have been  completing discussion boards,  learning activities, and assignments  with  the  intention  of  utilizing  those  tools  and knowledge  to  culminate a Final  Project  where you  propose a health  intervention,  project,  or  program  for  your  chosen health issue.   At  this  point,  you  have  chosen  a health theory  (Unit  2),  conducted  a  review  of  the recent literature  and  created an  annotated bibliography  (Unit  2),  created  goals  and  objectives  for your  program  (Unit  4),  and  reflected  and revised  those goals  to be culturally  sensitive  (Unit 6).  


Now  it  is  time to synthesize  that  information  and create  a 5–7-page report  (excluding  title page,  reference  pages,  and appendices)  with your  proposed  intervention.  Although you completed aspects  of  this  project  in other  units,  for  this  unit,  you  will  imagine that  this  report is  for  your  supervisor.  To  this  end,  your  report  should be  comprehensive and  formatted  as  a professional  deliverable.  You may  borrow  content  from  previous  assignments,  but  attempt  to substantively  revise  and synthesize that  information.


You  will  use  APA  and attach all  your  previous  assignments  (2,  4, and  6)  as  appendices  to  the end of  your  paper.  


 Requirements   •  Provide  proper  APA  style citation  and referencing for  all  sources  used  to  develop goals  and objectives. •  Submit  your  Assignment  to the DropBox  for  grading  by  the due date



I have attached my unit 2 ,4 and 6 assignments labeled as so also attached is a sample paper to guide you on what the Assignment lshould look like labeled APA sample

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