Complying with health care law

Identify a health care law that you must uphold and comply with in your work setting or industry, such as HIPAA, for example. Consider your role as a health care leader with respect to accountability from individual, organizational, legal and regulatory perspectives. Research the Capella University Library, your course texts, or the Internet for resources that might be applied to manage the requirements of the law. You might wish to include frameworks for decision-making models and risk management or compliance related tools, such as the Framework for Information Assurance Policy Compliance, found in one of your readings from this unit.

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In your post, clearly and succinctly state the law and the problem. Integrate concepts from the course regarding: Applicable legal and regulatory considerations, institutional policies and procedures, and industry or professional guidelines, standards, or concepts which may apply. Exemplary posts will be succinct, state the problem, cite the model utilized, provide bullet point or other summary recommendations, and include references cited using the APA Style and Formatting guidelines.

Response Guidelines

Respond to the posts of at least two of your classmates, providing your observations and analysis of their chosen tool or model. Responses should be 250–500 words in length and include a minimum of four credible references, cited using the APA Style and Formatting guidelines.

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