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  1. Supporting Activity: consistent formatting


Write a 100- to 200-word short-answer response to the following:


Class: Technical writers must be aware of intellectual property theft on many levels, and in different professions. As technology has advanced, these concerns have changed. While it is easy to find, and plagiarize, information, it is just as easy for an employer to verify the authenticity of your writing. I truly believe that technology is a great thing that enhances all of our lives, but there are responsibilities for all of us.


As a technical writer, I depend on various forms of technology. As such, I must use these resources properly, by citing my sources and labeling images. In your professions, you will have the same responsibilities. Having the knowledge to prevent theft/plagiarism will take you far in your career.




Class: are intellectual property thefts more or less prevalent in the digital age; why or why not? How must professionals deal with these challenges?






2. Supporting Activity: consistent formatting


Write a 100- to 200-word short-answer response to the following:


Class: In professional and academic settings, failure to check references and supporting data is often due to laziness. The example in the articles seems to suggest a lack of concern, and this can happen if an organization thinks their material will not be available for wide circulation. But in my opinion, a theft of intellectual property still occurs anytime information is not cited to the correct source!


As professionals, many of you will work for medium to large size companies. These companies will have the resources to ensure professional, quality documents are released without violating any other company’s copyrights. So it becomes the responsibility of the technical writing staff to ensure that all documents meet corporate standards for citations.




Class: Thinking about your intended career/industry, what plagiarism/IP issues must you consider?








  1. Supporting Activity: consistent formatting


Write a 100- to 200-word short-answer response to the following:




            A consistent format helps us develop our writing, and present our research effectively. You can imagine how ineffective an essay would be if the tone, formatting or style was inconsistent! Visually, the audience looks at the structure, format and font of a document, and ‘listens’ to the tone and style. If these are inconsistent, the audience will have a difficult time maintaining interest, let alone be persuaded!




When I was in graduate school, I had to re-design a student handbook. The previous version had a poor format, the information was not easily available, and the font changed in each section. The purpose of the book was to help incoming students, and persuade them to follow school guidelines and policy.


The first thing I did was apply a consistent font and size to the document. The headings had a different size, but that was applied separately. I then re-worded the information so that it was easy to understand. Then, I applied a Table of Contents and index so that information was easy to find. After that, the handbook was greatly improved, and students understood school policy better!




Class: Have you read a document/essay with an inconsistent format, tone or style? What was your impression of the document?












APA format requires a concluding paragraph which sums up the wholepaper.                                                                 


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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