Construct a leadership development plan for yourself *report essay*

1.Explore the Central Michigan University competencies model
2.Identify you current strengths and weaknesses as a leader (or potential leader) within the context of the CMU
3.Review the leadership theories explored in this course and describe how they relate to you and your leadership development (again in the context of the CMU model)
4.Create a leadership development plan
5.Seek feedback on your plan from an established leader. This leader can be anyone you know who holds a leadership position in an organisation
6.Describe how you have incorporated this leader’s feedback into your plan
7.Describe how you will achieve the developments set out in your plan
8.Describe how you will evaluate whether or not you have reached the level of development set out in your plan

** Additional Notes**
-Report has to be written in a first person narrative.
-Time frame of Leadership Development Plan (LDP) has to be within your ambition/vision
-You are required to include a personality test (EG: the INFJ)
-Regarding to point 5, you can put in a frictional/imaginal leader mind (generally business industry)
-Please use the attached file to assist you in your writing

Word limit: 2500 words (not including your reference list or any appendices you may wish to attach)
Minimum 6 References required.
Harvard Style Citation & In text citations.

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