Continuous quality improvement (hsc 350) health science majors only! | HSC 350 | Goodwin College

Please answer the following questions below. Each question should consist of essay questions and you can use your text, web articles and other references to assist you in giving the most pertinent and accurate responses. As indicated in ,please provide comprehensive and well documented responses citing the references used.  

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REQUIRED TEXT : Advanced Performance Improvement in Health Care:  Principles and Methods, (ISBN 13: 978-0-7637-6449-4) by Donald E. Lighter, © 2011 Jones And Bartlett

1.) Indicate the numerator and denominator used for a QI project for two (2) of the 6 AIMS.( EX: Safety-Falls=N=total number of falls in a month/D=average daily census). 

2.)Describe each step in the PDSA Cycle.

3.)Teams are critical to successful quality improvement. Why does having the right members on a team impact its effectiveness?

4.)How can managers ensure success and be sure physicians are involved in the process?

5.)Why is a leader significant in having a successful CQI culture?

6.)What is brainstorming? Is it considered one of the seven tools?

7.)Chapter 3 discusses the Process Tools used in Quality Improvement. Create two of any process tools using a process from your experience, clinical example or personal, e.g., flowchart, decision matrix, Ishikawa diagram. 

8.)Describe the value and importance of the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative Measures (PQRI). Why are they used? 

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