Controlling risks | Human Resource Management homework help

Part 1


250 words with one reference and intext citation in APA format.

Taking risks is often seen as necessary in the pursuit of business growth. In context of business and human management, there are many areas of business were risk is often present and can be easily controlled.  Yet despite this fact, business organizations seem to have the most difficulty controlling risks in the following areas:

  • Equitable pay
  • Stock option practices
  • Fair selection/promotion practices
  • Wage and hour laws

While there is government oversight in the above areas, this oversight is not the equivalent as operations compliance. What is the difference between the two?

Next, identify at least one organizational practice from each of the areas listed above that can be considered “risky”. Why is it considered risky? What are possible consequences for not controlling the identified risk? What is a recommended control method for this practice? Provide justifications as to why you think this control method would be ideal.

Part 2

250 words with one reference and intext citation in APA format.


Figure 17.1 from our textbook presents a general framework for managing diversity in organizations. See attachment for photo. 

The model suggests that an organization’s diversity approach is a function of internal and external pressures for and against diversity. Management’s perspectives and priorities with respect to diversity can range from resistance to active learning and from marginal to strategic. Within management’s priorities, the organization’s strategic responses can range from reactive to proactive.

  • What are some methods you would use to ensure that would move from a more reactive response to a more proactive approach?

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