Conversational Language

Description: Opinion Editorials (Op-Eds) are short opinion pieces typically published in local, regional, or national newspapers (including online) and are used to educate the public, air frustrations, spread gratitude, indirectly inform public policy or influence legislators, and publicize the work of specific groups or organizations. For this assignment, you will write an opinion piece about the bill you are tracking this semester. The goal of your op-ed is to sway the general public and policymakers to support your bill. Op-eds typically start with a “hook” and use conversational language, personal story, and data to support your argument. At the top of your paper, please include your one sentence statement of purpose as well as a catchy title. The op-ed must mention the bill as a solution to the problem you are describing. This is an individual assignment and must be 600-700 words. The statement of purpose and title do not count toward your overall word count.Writing Checklist:12 pt fontAcceptable fonts: Calibri, Cambria, Times New Roman1” marginsDouble-spaced600-700 words, excluding statement of purpose, title, and any references you may includeIf you include references, please cite using footnotesNumber pages.


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