Correct the following sentences for ap style violations

Correct the following sentences for AP style violations. You will need to consult the AP style resources provided in our Course Resources. Every sentence contains at least one AP style error.



Do not simply delete errors; do not simply rewrite sentences to eliminate problem words or phrases. Correct the errors. For example, don’t do this:



The sermon should start at about 10:00 AM, he said.



The sermon should start soon, he said.


And please submit your answers as complete sentences, like this:



The sermon should start at about 10:00 AM, he said.



The sermon should start at about 10 a.m., he said.



1.       I’d like 4 bagels and 11 buns.


2.      21 people attended the meeting with Ark. Democratic senator Blanche Lincoln.

3.      About 2/3 of the persons in attendance left early from the meeting on compensation for 911 victims to watch the playoff game.

4.      Dick ate his lunch at 12:00 noon outside on the lawn.

5.      She leaves for work at 7 a.m. in the morning.

6.      Word of mouth helped propel the growth of Ebay on the internet.

7.      The 2-by-4-foot rug was tapped to the floor so that the actors would not trip.

8.      At zero degrees, a wind of 15 miles-per-hour creates a wind-chill factor of -25 degrees.

9.      Rev. Jefferson Harmon was a U.S. army chaplain for twenty-eight years.

10.   Lieutenant Colonel Marshall Wallace told the General that nothing was wrong at the hospital.

11.   Members of the Missouri legislature rejected the offer from Governor.

12.   Mail should be forwarded to I at 400 West 12th Street.

13.   At 10 AM this morning, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser cancelled the meeting.

14.   The gospel of St. Luke is my favorite part of the bible.

15.   After he made a xerox of the test, he gave copies to all his friends.

16.   Cody, Wyo., is named for William (Buffalo Bill) Cody.

17.   I have a 4th-grader and a tenth-grader at East E.S.

18.   The killer used a thirty-six inch pipe to bludgeon his victim.

19.   “Let’s walk further into the woods”, the hunter told his companion.


20.   Her favorite song is U + Ur hand by Pink.

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