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 By midweek, post a paragraph describing the population you selected and your idea for a program that will address the health needs of that specific population. You may use this idea for your paper this week (and your project) or you may find out after receiving feedback from your peers that you want to change your population and/or topic. This discussion is due by Saturday so any changes could be made on Sunday when the paper is due. Return before the end of the week and comment on another student’s post that has not been commented upon. Offer any feedback or suggestion you have regarding their plan idea so everyone can gain insight 



Strategic planning is used by business and organizations alike to plan for the long term. In this course, students will develop a strategic plan to improve the health for a defined population. This may be the people in your community or patients at your healthcare organization. Beginning in Module 02 when you select and identify your population, you will develop a strategic plan to meet the unique needs of your population. The weekly written assignments through Module 08 will comprise the elements of the strategic plan and you will compile the different elements into your final plan in Module 10 based on the feedback from your instructor.

Your goal is to answer the following questions:

  • What will we do?
  • Who will we do it for?
  • How will we do what we want to do?

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