Cr501 crime data sources | Law homework help

Compare and contrast the two primary crime data sources used in the United States. Focus on 
methodological procedures and implications.

Format requirements can be found below and under “Paper Requirements” in the “Resources” section of this class. Please upload your paper via this assignment tab. 

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Cr501 crime data sources | Law homework help
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The purpose of this assignment is to critically review the primary data sources used in criminological research.

CR501 Paper Requirements Checklist


  • All papers must be a full three to five (3-5) pages of written text (you may not go under, but may go over) – this excludes cover page, references, and any appendices (appendices are not required)
  • All papers must be typed and DOUBLE-SPACED. This makes it much easier on my eyes. Thank you!
  • All papers must use 12 point Times New Roman font
  • All papers must have page numbers (excluding the cover page) in the lower right-hand corner
  • All papers must use APA format for citations and references


  • All papers must use a cover page that adheres to the following required format:



Title (whatever title you choose)


  • All papers must have a minimum of five (5) different acceptable academic sources.
  • Only the following are considered acceptable academic sources:
    • Peer-reviewed journal articles (on-line or hardcopy)
    • The text book for this class
    • U.S. Government publications (PDF format only – websites will not count) You cannot use all government documents, you must use at least three peer reviewed sources as part of your five.

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