Create a check list | FIR 3311 – Legal Aspects of Fire Protection | Columbia Southern University



As the president of your state fire chiefs association, you are concerned that not all agencies are aware of the numerous laws, national codes, and regulations that can affect a local fire department. You want to provide a simple tool to help them identify their potential legal risks and liabilities. Create a checklist of legal acts, national codes and standards, and implications that place an emergency services agency at risk. Include each of the following items for the topics or issues you choose.

  • Provide the item or topic of interest that could be a risk or liability.
  • Include the potential law or code associated with the topic.
  • Provide a brief description of the law or code, including any court decisions that can influence emergency services agencies.
  • Include a reference for each item that they could access for further information.

This is a checklist, not a general form of questions or statements. It should be the final format of a checklist with the inclusion of a title page. Include items that we have covered throughout this course. You should include at least 15 topics, and your finished checklist should be at least three pages. Provide the references for your sources in APA style.

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