Creating and leading effective teams

Review the Harvard Business School reprint, Leading Teams. Consider the criteria for successful teams and the factors needed to ensure teams are structured for success.

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Create a plan (750-1,000 words) describing the steps necessary to   create more successful teams at various levels within your  organization.  Include the following in the plan:

Define the characteristics and structure of successful teams within   your organization. How are independent teams vital to the success of   your organization?

  1. What are important factors to consider when leading teams within the various levels of the organization?
  2. What factors are important to consider when leading teams at the executive level?
  3. What aspects are essential in identifying appropriate members for teams and ensuring the teams are successfully launched?
  4. What factors are important to ongoing team dynamics? Describe guidelines to evaluate the function and productivity of teams.
  5. Compassion is a significant attribute of many religions and   philosophies, including a Christian worldview, as well as being   important for both authentic and servant leadership. As a leader, how   would you empower your teams through compassion to honor diversity and   support equality for all members as they work toward a common goal?

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